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The Better User Stories Mini-Course is a series of FREE training videos that tackles some of the most frustrating problems agile teams face when writing user stories. Please note: access to the training will be for a limited time only.

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  • Why people still struggle with user stories, and why you shouldn’t give up using them
  • How to get your team engaged while writing and developing user stories
  • A lightweight but powerful approach for identifying what you need to build
  • How (and when) to run a successful story-writing workshop
  • The only 5 ways you need to split a story that is valuable and deliverable within an iteration
  • How to know if you’re adding the right amount of detail at the right time (and what to do if you’re not)
After teaching User Stories to more than 20,000 people I know the positive impact and transformation you achieve when getting it right. But I also know there are many more agile teams out there struggling unnecessarily. If that sounds like you, you’ll love these training videos.

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Mike Cohn is one of the world’s most sought-after and well-respected certified Scrum trainers, the founder of Mountain Goat Software. For over twenty years Mike’s been building high-performing software development teams and organizations through the use of agile and Scrum. He’s worked with startups and some of the largest organizations in the world. His in-person training, coaching, and online video courses work together to give you everything you need to deliver the right product on time every time.

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