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October 10, 2008
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Agilo for trac

Agilo is a flexible, web-based Agile ALM tool to support Scrum, Kanban and agile development processes. It is highly configurable to adapt to your specific workflow.


Agilo™ is designed and developed for Teams, Scrum Master, Product Owner and for all Stakeholder who are involved in the project. No matter if you are working locally together or in offshore teams, the Scrum Tool Agilo presents you at any time all the important information of your Scrum projects.

Agilo is based on Trac a very successful and widespread Ticket Tracking System, and developed using the Python programming language. Agilo is distributed as Open Source Software according to the Apache Software License 2.0.

Agilo is free and open source and you can download all variations at:


All Downloads of Agilo (but the source code) contains a 30-day-trial of Agilo Pro. Agilo Pro provides extended features and professional support.

agile42 offers also the Agilo Hosted Service with SVN integration and full support.


Agilo™ Features for Product Owner



Agilo™ Features for ScrumMaster

  • Drag and Drop: Intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to work comfortable with e.g. the Sprint Backlog
  • Configurable Capacity: A default capacity per work day e.g. fridays always off, can be inserted 
  • Automated Capacity Calculation: The ideal burndown chart is proportional to capacity 
  • Multiple Teams: Multiple teams and sprints support 
  • Ease of installation and configuration: Now agilo is one plugin only, all the configurations parameters are now available from the Web Admin Interface)

Agilo™ Features for Team Member

  • Self-Organize: All the tools needed to break down requirements into work packages for a Sprint 
  • Adaptable: Agilo™ is flexible, just adapt it to fit your unique team workflow 
  • Track Progress: The Sprint Dashboard allows teams to track their progress on a day-to-day basis 
  • No context switching: Day-to-day tasks such as updating task status can be done direct in the svn commit message


Pricing Info:

Agilo for Scrum is free and open source

You can download and use Agilo for free without limitations.

Agilo Pro is a subscription model that extends the free version.

Prices for Agilo Pro you can find here:

Pricesfor Support, Maintenance, Hosting (SaaS) can be found here


Product Reviews

With Agilo for Trac we’ve just released our biggest change in years

openmicroscopy .org rated it a 10 on (April 13, 2015)

With Agilo for Trac we’ve just released our biggest change in years -- The more than 400 tickets were managed exclusively in Trac, spread over 5 milestones and numerous stories, helping our distributed team to focus on making consistent, incremental steps towards the goal line.

Critical tool for managing our large, international software project.

openmicroscopy .org rated it a 10 on (October 07, 2014)

OME uses Agilo for Trac to manage a large, international software project-- >30 developers in 8 different countries and 10 timezones. Agilo integration with Trac is seamless and performant. In particular, we use many of the querying tools to track progress and delivery. The Agilo team is great and always responsive.

Great for your scrum project!

Patrik Hamsten rated it a 10 on (September 22, 2014)

Found Agilo for Trac while browsing for plug-ins. I instantly liked the design and the intuitive usage. It really makes using Trac a whole different experience and also helps the scrum process a lot. The whiteboard feature is a very nice one and that the tickets are customizable are also a big plus. Would definitely recommend other people to use it!

Trac booster for Scrum

Herbert Thielen rated it a 8 on (February 27, 2014)

At the University of Applied Sciences, Worms, Germany, we used Agilo Pro in a three-week (fulltime) student project. All in all 28 CS students, partitioned into in 3 concurrent teams, used Agilo Pro to learn Scrum while working on a real-life software development task. The students used plain Trac before. They were amazed of the fresh look of the user interface, and they were impressed by the whiteboard functionality with easy-to-use drag'n'drop. Though this is really a nice feature, which I'd buy in a commercial environment, the students working on-site replaced the electronic whiteboard by a real one using paper notes with the ticket numbers, when our trial license time was over. Still, the easily configurable backlogs were absolutely essential. The system is stable, user friendly, easy to use and not linmited to specific platforms. Every role in Scrum is supported. The Burndown charts were a nice gimmik, though only hours-left burndowns were possible, while the story point burndown chart wasn't yet usable (didn't show valid output). If you like the lightweight Trac system with the extremely quick linking options between Wiki, Tickets and Version Control System, and you plan to practice Scrum, Agilo is highly recommended.

Veteran Trac user

Tarun Sukhani rated it a 10 on (August 27, 2013)

As an educator, veteran Trac user, and now an Agilo for Trac user (for the past 3 years), I have nothing but praise for this product. My students/trainees have consistently commented on its ease of use and extensibility via Trac plugins. Customization is also a big plus, allowing me to define my own backlogs with whatever fields I desire. All in all, a great all-in-one project management and issue tracking tool!

An important tool for Agile developement

Amit Yaffe rated it a 10 on (June 12, 2013)

We have been using this product for the past year, while developing an Android application. As we were given a Trac server and we wanted to develop using Scrum(Agile) methodologies, we were immediately drawn by Agilo for Trac. We were very impressed by the ease of converting our existing project in the Trac to an Agile project managed by Agilo. The project is developed by 7 developers working at different hours, different times and at different locations. This add-on was very helpful in managing the tasks, user stories, bugs and more. Especially useful is the White-board tool, which mimics nicely the real thing. Furthermore the ability to customize almost any feature is most appreciated. Would recommend this to any team of developers taking their first (or not first) steps in Agile development.

A critical part of the process for our distributed open source team

openmicroscopy .org rated it a 10 on (January 24, 2013)

We run a distributed open source team that builds and delivers software tools for thousands of scientists worldwide. We started using trac to manage the project several years ago. While we really liked trac’s ability to capture the project’s backlog and output, we had no way to monitor what the team was actually doing last week, today, or tomorrow. Agilo’s tools integrate very nicely with trac, maintain all of trac’s strengths, but add a whiteboard and several useful analytic functions. It’s now a critical part of our process, with the whiteboard constantly in use by all team members.

Very good SCRUM support for distributed student teams

Nina Bougatf rated it a 9 on (December 13, 2011)

We are using Agilo Pro for several student projects with IT background. As Trac systems are one of the basic tools in our student projects we are very glad to have a plugin for SCRUM methodologies which was very easy to integrate in our given system architecture. Our student teams are very heterogeneous concerning their semester or their place of residence. Moreover, they are working to finance their academic studies. So they often do not work at the same site and need to have online access to SCRUM results produced during their weekly meetings. By using Agilo Pro we are now able to solve this problem thoroughly. Our students have become familiar with the tool very fast due to the easy to use and self-explanatory Trac-based user interface. As students’ feedback was rather positive, we are willing to use Agilo Pro in various future student projects.

Good product

Jukka-Pekka Sarjanen rated it a 8 on (November 18, 2010)

Easy to use, flexible to extend ( custom tickets for epic, own fields etc) Usability have some issues ( e.g. too much clicking) other vice nice and stable product.

Awesome Software

silvio fernandes rated it a 10 on (November 04, 2010)

We are using this software to implement the SCRUM metodology in our university project, by now, we're fully satisfied with it, and with the 5* support we get from agilo, it couldn't be better ! We fully recommend it.

Very useful tool

Beat Sigerist rated it a 10 on (October 09, 2010)

Good fuctionality and nice user interface. It's a recommendable tool for Scrum projects.

Great Tool

Leandro Garcia rated it a 10 on (June 15, 2010)

Agilo satisfies our needs perfectly. It's supporting Subversion + Track + Sprint Backlogs + Whiteboard. We are using Agilo for off-shored teams and it keeps us in sync.

Great tool to support Scrum

Bjoern Jensen rated it a 9 on (May 24, 2010)

I used Agilo for 2 years now in a productive environment and I have to say that this tool offers a great support for Scrum especially in distributed environments. Every Scrum role is well covered. Whatever a Product Owner needs to do in Scrum - it's possible. Whatever a team needs to do in Scrum - it's possible. And for the few things a Scrum Master needs electronic support for - this is also possible. And one of the highlights of Agilo is the interactive whiteboard - check it out, you'll really like this one :o) Agilo is based on Trac so it provide every feature from Trac as well. Only the usage of some plugins is not working...but the most valuable ones. And Agilo is shipped with a better UI than Trac ;o) Give it a try - you won't be sorry.

Great Product and very helpful for the Scrum Process

Volker Lerch rated it a 10 on (May 11, 2010)

I'm using Agilo Pro for Scrum in an Open Source Project ( and also at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, in research projects together with students, professors and laboratory engineers. The feedback from them is very positive. This tool supports excellent the Development Process of Scrum. Agilo for Scrum is well documented in the online help. It's easy to install and the administration interface is good, and almost everything can be configured to individual flavor. The extend functionality of the Pro Version (like the Whiteboard) are very helpful to understand the Scrum Process and working with the Sprint in the Sprint planning and daily scrums. The new tickets, like User Story, have reasonable properties and are very useful to describe an requirement in the Scrum Process. The Product and Sprint Backlogs has nice different views of the acual development state and a good overview to their tickets with good sorting possibilities. With these views, it is very easy to handle the project management process with Scrum. The Burndown Chart and other graphical outputs, which displays the development state are excellent, but I didn't found how to configure the dashboard and these views. During the complete setup, configuration and handling I hadn't any problems and found no bugs. A nice to have feature will be the export of tickets to csv files or a complete backup solution for a whole project. I didn't figure out how to delete a ticket, or why this feature is not implemented yet. Only delete tickets from csv files is supported. But if I have no export possibility that feature is not very usable for me. But I think these requirements are issues for trac. I have also experiences in working with other tools like Mingle from Thoughtworks, but finally I prefer to work with Agilo fro Scrum! Great commendation to the the agilo42 team! These acknowledgments goes also to the Trac development team, which do a great work to build the basic system for Agilo. Thanks a lot for that tool!

Used in open source project

Christian Johner rated it a 9 on (May 03, 2010)

I'm using Agilo for both, a charity project ( and for student projects. Agilo helps us to structure our projects very easily and trac progress. it is also perfect for teaching students the basics of agile development. It also is THE tool for everyone who has read the bood "Head First - Software Engineering", since the white board is exactly reflecting the images in the book. It took me only a bit to install and figure out how to support multiple-projects. But now it works like a champ!

Good comprehensive tool for remote agile teams

Dave Sharrock rated it a 10 on (May 03, 2010)

Highly recommended (especially the pro version, which includes the drag-and-drop whiteboard. Loved it!) The platform provides all the functionality you would expect from an online collaboration tool for agile development. The tool supports multiple backlogs each with multiple teams, provides a basis for online team collaboration, and delivers insight into the effectiveness of the agile delivery process through tracking changes across different development sprints, releases and even teams. Agilo has proven to be an excellent online tool for sharing information between remote scrum teams, and providing a single platform for coordinating multiple scrum teams across multiple locations.

Good Product, minor issues

Daniel Crompton rated it a 8 on (January 12, 2010)

As I will be posting in my blog I had a little trouble with the installation, but it was trivial to fix once I found out what the trouble was. The documentation was a little lacking, from Trac and Agilo. Otherwise it worked find. Here's the link to the trouble I had, and fixes:

A great tool for Scrum

Markus Keppel rated it a 10 on (November 09, 2009)

We found this software by searching for a good Scrum tool for our project at university. Agilo for Scrum is easy to install and to setup teams, backlogs and the user permissions. It is necessary for our project to have the possibility to change the user story points. Another great feature is the nice Whiteboard. In conclusion, a great Scrum tool!

A Scrum tool how it should be

Laura Prinz rated it a 10 on (October 19, 2009)

I liked to use the analog whiteboard, but since we are more teams those Scrum Tools are not supporting us enough. We found Agilo Pro with the interactive digital whitboard and we are really happy with it. Agilo supports Scrum in every detail and you can see that the guys from agile42 know agile and Scrum very well. Laura

Agilo Online Whiteboard - One of the best Scrum Tools

Peter Stacho rated it a 10 on (August 09, 2009)

We are using Agilo for Scrum since 11 iterations with many distributed teams and projects. The new online whiteboard is supporting us perfectly during the sprint planning and the daily Scrums. Agilo is the best Scrum Tool we found on the market.

Perfect for Off-shored teams

Jeaqn Pierre Berchez rated it a 9 on (June 17, 2009)

We've been evaluating many scrum tools, but this one satisfies our needs perfectly. It's supporting both, the project management's issues as well as the developer team on a daily basis with it's integration to Subversion and Eclipse. We are using Agilo for off-shored teams and it keeps us in sync.

Very useful Tool

Andreas Bytzek rated it a 10 on (June 15, 2009)

We have chosen agile42 to implement Scrum and have been very happy about the result. After we have known Scrum better, we made the decision to use the Scrum Tool Agilo for Scrum to support us on a daily basis. Agilo helps us to handle our backlogs, requirements, user stories and tasks. I can strongly recommend Agilo for Scrum. It supports all Scrum Roles and helps following the Scrum Process.

Great Product

Dirk Stueker rated it a 9 on (June 15, 2009)

The principles of scrum are easy - using scrum is not! You cannot preach daily visability of your progress without having the right tooling. This requires burndown charts on the one hand but this is not sufficient. The right user interface to motivate your team to use and update tasks/tickets is required. The effort to care for the tickets has to be minimal for acceptance reasons. This was the main reason for us to introduce Agilo and we are really happy with the result.

The right tool for our Scrum teams

Robert Jenssen rated it a 10 on (May 15, 2009)

We use agilo for several months now and we really like it. Agilo provides the flexibility to adapt the tool to our process, not the other way round. There a lot of small things that make Agilo really useful: For example, the ideal burndown line decreases proportional to the capacity - if 1/2 of the team are on vacation in the next week, the ideal burndown won't decrease as fast as in the other weeks where the whole team is present. Also we can add our own ticket types+backlogs so that the Scrum Master can have his own impediment backlog. Installation was bit tricky previously but in the latest versions, it became way easier.

Great Tool To Explore the Ticketing system

velappan velappan rated it a 5 on (April 07, 2009)

Hi , I have been using agilo for the past 6 months. It has given more knowledge about the ticket system and agile methodology. The only one problem I have faced in this is issue in IE browsers. Other wise its a great tool to work Regards Vela.Velappan

A very lean tool with a bit of spice and some rough corners to smooth, but really effective!

Andrea Tomasini rated it a 10 on (November 08, 2008)

Agilo is based on Trac, which alone as an extremely wide user base, and is one of the most used ticketing system in the agile community. Agilo adds to Trac a couple of significant improvement, that alone, without even considering the specific Scrum features are worth of a look: ticket typing, csv import and ticket linking. These three feature which deeply change the core usability of the tool, allowing to implement in a very easy and natural way, "just enough" structure on top of trac, to make it able to better support your way of working are extremely valuable. Moreover the new version of agilo 0.7 offer a set of very interesting feature specific to scrum, and still allow you to personalize almost everything, making it as lean as you like. The look & feel has also greatly improved, even though there are still some rough edges, for example the ticket handling, still in the "traditional" trac way is not fitting anymore with the advanced and configurable backlog handling. I am confident that these aspects: inline ticket creation, better drag & drop support, and other "intuitive" transformations will occur pretty soon, the tool as an active community ( where scrum related issues and features are discussed and supported by the development team, that collaborate intensively with everyone encountering problems in the tool installation and configuration. The tool offers some unique and handy features, that helps the team in better understanding what the status is (not only through the burndown chart) as well as speeding up some operation at specific Scrum cerimonies. As an example automatically calculating (on a set of well defined user stories and tasks, selectable by the team) the ratio of Story Points/Ideal Hours (Days) that gives the possibility to the team to have a quick check with the capacity set by individual team members and see if the initial commitment is fitting (more or less) in the team available hours. Well is a click instead of a lot of Excel work, and the results is reflected also in the burndown chart. The tool also stores metrics on the team performances, that help the team in monitoring its efficiency and historical data, and see the improvements. Very handy is also the Timeline view, that is enriched with informations related to Sprints and other specific Scrum cerimonies, that allows a very fast wrap up at the Retrospective, allowing the team to inspect & adapt effectively. Thanks for the great tool :-) ANdreaT

Experience applied

Garbrand van der Molen rated it a 10 on (November 04, 2008)

Agilo is a very handy tool for daily development needs. I found it useful through the entire life cycle of a product, from shaping the vision, to prioritizing requirements to creating work packages all the way down into issue tracking. The fact it is based on Trac helps in this aspect, there are a wealth of plugins to truly embed Agilo into your workflow. You can tell the developers have real-world experience. It is a proper "tool", not an abstract project view aimed at managers. Highly recommended.

Scrum tool based on real project experiences

Marion Eickmann rated it a 10 on (October 22, 2008)

The Tool works great. It has all the features you need in a tool to support the Scrum process: - daily stand-up - burn down charts - product backlog - sprint backlog - etc. A nice and very useful feature is the ability to link items together. This bi-directional traceability allows you to create useful relations between requirements and user stories, user stories and task etc. You can see, that this tool is based on real scrum project experiences.

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